You fall down a cliff unaware of what is at the bottom, encapsulated in darkness. Is this dream or reality? You hit the bottom, or your idea of the bottom and grope around, eyesight disoriented with the change of light. Footing found, you stand unsteadily and lean against the rock wall, the rocks pounding into your hands, sharp at the edges. These are the reminders of where your responsibilities lie.

A step and you fumble, but once again recall your balance, and take more steps, further into the dark. You see it as if you stand around you'll get nowhere, but if you put one foot in front of the other, you're bound to get somewhere. Right? That's how it's supposed to work out. You make your way to the path and there's a fork in the road. Alas, the predicament you're in. You must make a choice, like you usually do. One way seems clear and lit, the other is dark, gnarly, and your fear of the Boogie Man from your childhood is reinstated.

Obstacles are obsolete, I mean, this is just a nightmare right? The path of light seems so tempting, so clear, but if you overstep you may just find yourself in the quicksands of the easy way out. Fears are what you make them. If you can just risk the stumble in the dark, and defeat the Boogie Man, you may find the light at the end of the tunnel. A brand new hope to adjust to.

You look twice and your eyesight adjusts. You realize that the paths now are the same and take a step into the dark. As you bound into it, all fears aside, you awaken.

You know it was all a nightmare but does it relate? Of course it does, it represents all the fears, worries, depression and bad thoughts wrapped up into a neat little nightmare sealed with your fear of it being too real for you to comprehend. The darkness consumes, it scares, it portrays something we will never quite comprehend yet it also offers the comfort of sleep and silence. Darkness allows us to see the paths in which we are struggling to get through. So, look for it and welcome it, and overcome it with a greater strength than you may ever know.