I feel that today I can finally turn over a new leaf. Of course, the day for getting over a loved one would have to be Valentine's Day. I don't want to tell this in a long story because I want to forget that this certain relationship ever happened. But here it is:

I was going out with this guy I said I'd loved (and I had been told he loved me in return) and after 5 days he dumped me. He said we should wait until we start to see each other and get to know each other before we go out. I waited a whole month and nothing happened.

My best friend soon told me the news that apparently my ex had loved this other girl before, during and after going out with me. I felt and still feel, cheated and as if he wasted my time. Yet at the same time I wanted to be his girlfriend, I wanted to feel loved by him and only him.

I was jealous of this other girl, who happened to be a friend of mine. And every time I heard either of their names I would perk up to hear what was said. Now looking back on it I feel pathetic for holding onto something that never was, and never will be a true loving relationship.

- This is just something I typed up in trying to help me get over a certain person. It might not be the most creative or interesting piece of writing but it might finally help me in moving on, so I thought I might share it with other people who are also trying to live on from a relationship from which they were cheated on. Thanks for reading and maybe understanding.