You know how you get to a point
Where you think that everything
Is going along as it should be?
And then it feels like the only place
You can go from there is down?
Where the smallest thing
Makes me feel like giving up
On everything
And anything
That I was ever hoping for.
One small thing,
Seemingly insignificant
But maybe it could be the beginning
Of a spiral downwards
To a place that I don't want to go.
But sometimes I feel so out of control,
And no matter what,
I can't decide for myself
What happens
Here on in.
And I don't like it.
Do I?

Familiarity is easiest
But when it all changes
Then I've got nothing left
But life goes on
And it doesn't wait for me.
Nothing does
But I can't expect
Anyone or
Anything to do that.
Can I?

Don't you just wonder
Whether it would be
Easier to just forget
And have selective amnesia
So you don't have to remember
The parts that hurt
Or the parts that were
Too good to think about
Ever again?

But then again,
You're only who you are
Because of all the hurt
And the good times.

Tonight, I'll let
The guitar riffs
Lull me over
Helping me forget
Letting me cry
While tomorrow
Creeps up on me
Like a cat
On a mouse.
And I'm just a small mouse
In the cycle of Time.


Well, I'm proposing a poll. Would you be all kind enough as to read all my poems and get back to me by... Thursday which poem of mine you think I should enter into the competition? Or if you think I should enter my short stories, say so!

I'd really appreciate your help on this one!


Review responses for Just Leave Me Alone:

p-y-a: Yeah. So now... now I just don't know. Guys can seriously get as moody as girls! Or like. Mood swing-y... lol. I love my one liners! Spot the one liner here!

crack: lol. Yes. I'm not dead. Depressed, I guess and plenty confused. But oh well. And I'm writing... but I really don't like it.

Kylie1403: Haha. Thanks. I'll see. And I missed taping the Bloody Mary ep! So you'll have to tell me about it! Lol. I only saw the ending. So pissed at myself!!

euphorix: I don't much like that much honesty usually... :shrug: happy v-day loverly.