The Saint Valentine's Day Dilemna

Happy Valentine's Day!

I have several Valentines,

yet no idea who to choose!

All of them are beautiful and reliable!

They have names like:

Automat Kalashnikov, model Forty Seven;

Heckler und Koch Gewehr 11;

Heckler und Koch Gewehr 36;

Heckler und Koch Universal Self-loading Pistol;

Colt Model 1911A1;

Thompson M1928 Submachinegun;

ST Kinetics Singapore Assault Rifle, 21st Century;

And some aged beauties:






And countless others.

Oh, which to choose?

So many beauties, so little time.

Then again, these Valentines don't mind,

If you have another one for backup!

Nothing here rhymes,

But hug a weapon today!

Just don't complain,

If you don't get the point,

After hugging a sword.

(No pun intended.)