A/N: Right.. Wrote this a week or two before Valentine's Day, and it's somewhat about how I used to feel and how I feel with my boyfriend. I'm not good at describing; it's better off read. I've edited a couple parts that had been annoying me. The title, Hidden Emotion, is possibly only temporary; I could really use ideas for the title, as well as with any other part of the poem. I'm not used to rhyming or sticking with a specific style, but I wanted to try for this poem. I know that there are parts that might not sound right, and that it's 'pretty', but I was trying... Anyways.

As always. Read. Review. Enjoy.

Hidden Emotion

With an aching loneliness inside
Where pain and emptiness reside
In a forgotten soul's frail hold
Now feeling only a deathly cold

Being once completely alone
Hidden spirit in mere flesh and bone
Trapped within by cage and chain
Created by desolation's pain

Standing in a crowded room
Feeling only a dismal tomb
Surrounded by the nameless clones
By them cast off with the living stones

Secrets hidden within the core
Neglected heart yearns for more
Searching for those to call friend
And the one to love until the end

Finding now people who are true
Icy spirit warmed by those few
Sleeping heart awakens once more
No longer forgotten like before

Concealing still the void inside
Hiding from them the tears cried
Seeking still something more
Waiting for that one to care for

Meeting now a different one
With whom a new life has begun
More than a friend this one became
Able to seeing within, a tiny flame

Past the loneliness and the pain
Through the void and desolate rain
The forgotten soul was revealed
Showing a sweet soul behind the shield

Something pure, tender, and true
Once forgotten, now found anew
A fragile spirit has been found
True can it be with this one around

A new feeling now has emerged
One long kept deeply submerged
Towards this close new 'friend'
A love that lasts 'til the end

Afraid to tell this sacred thing
And of the pain that it could bring
Keeping it hidden from them all
Ignoring love's sweet call

Finding out that he may disappear
Hesitant to tell what's held dear
Though tears comes this emotion
With truth told of love and devotion

Having that love be returned
New chapter in life has been turned
Perspective now hopeful and sweet
Lonely heart now being complete

No longer empty or forlorn
Once numb soul feeling reborn
The pain is gone, the cold warmed
Spirit's sweet nature has reformed

Dreaming of a sweet and simple life
Now being invited to be his wife
This request calls out to the core
As this tender love allows me to soar

Being with him is so sweet and true
As our lives prepare to start anew
Allowed to be free and full of devotion
And toward him is felt this pure emotion.