Assassins Crush Volume7

By: Tetsuya Wasaki

On the way home from the assassination reaper was thinking about what Zack hade said (see you later Zack yeah at my house), and couldn't help but smile. In the morning it was decided he was going to see Zack and talk some more about their relationship so he starts of to Zack's house still replaying the scene over and over and over he loved Zack so it only made since for them to be together I hade already been a year it was time to let his guard down a little and be in love even if it was with a man so he arrived in front of Zack's house and sees a nice car, hum must be one of his friends maybe he's going to introduce me (smile) he walks up to the front door and rings the door bell and a man comes to the door with nothing but a towel on and after him comes Zack and kisses him on the neck and when Zack look's he finds reaper looking right at him Sasawa! Say no more says reaper and runs away from the house, wait says Zack it's not what you think he takes the towel away from the boy and runs out after reaper when he catches up to reaper he grabs his arm to stop him and when reaper turns around he slaps the taste out of Zack's mouth ok I deserved that but let me explain I don't know how it happened he was an old collage buddy oh yeah and you just happened to screw him by mistake, yeah pretty much Zack laugh's nervously go to hell… and leaves letting his words hang Zack felt his heart sink he knew how much he hurt reaper so he went back home and kicked his "buddy" out (it wasn't really his buddy by the way). How dare he reaper thinks and that little slut I should have socked him, how dare he with my boy… no not my boyfriend he's nothing to me he's just an empty space in my mind now. That day Zack looked for reaper all night and day (he really didn't mean to hurt him he didn't), when he finally found him he was at the park in the same spot where they first made love sitting their looking toward the sunset Zack wanted to hold him close until he didn't hurt anymore he wanted things the way they were the first time but he knew that wasn't nothing but a dream now

To be continued ……