Just You Wait And See

I remember it so well

And you do too I can tell

You were young and I was old

That's how the story is often told

But when I met you I knew at last

That you're my future and my past

You are now the apple of my eye

My sweet and sugared pumpkin pie

You are the man of my dreams

My one true love, my sweet sixteen

And when that day finally arrives

It will be me who you see down the aisle

I'm gonna marry you!

You aren't gonna pick or choose

I'll be the one that you treasure

You're greatest sexual pleasure!

You may be seeing someone now

But like hell she'll stick around

'Cause even that girl can see

You belong to me!

You're gonna marry me!

Just you wait and see

I'll be the woman that you love

Your one true angel from above

It will be your children that I bear

They'll have my smile and your hair

We'll raise 'em right straight and tall

Not one of them will ever fall

Oh honey can't you see?

It's only me that can please

Your need for respect and love

And to soar to heaven and beyond

You think I'm crazy and that's a fact

I guess I am a real class act

But damned if I'm not serious

Especially when it comes to us

I'm gonna marry you!

I can do it and I will prove

That we really do belong together

Just you and me forever

A house, a job, and a family

It's our future most definitely

We'll be supportive and we'll trust

In each other and our love

So honey you see it doesn't matter

Where you go or if we're scattered

You'll come straight back to me

And I'll find you in my dreams

You're gonna marry me!

Just you wait, and you'll see

That who you date or even care for

It'll still be me that you adore

Oh yes, you're gonna marry me!

Isn't it plain to see?

That you love me and I love you

Hell, they even say it on the news

Yes, of course I'll marry you!

You've couldn't have asked me sooner too

Now take my hand and w'll tell the town

So we can go and finally exchange our vows