Moonlights Gaze

He melted away from her grasp,
Like the dew frost with mornings light.
She stood alone with her hands by her side,
What seemed like life, fading with each step he took.

Still standing, breath caught in winters wind,
She forgot about the bitter taste in her mouth,
Remembering the sweet delicious taste of him,
Of there first date, a coffee with sugar.

She stole a glance at his back,
A thief for looking like she did.
Mesmerized by the wind, seemingly,
Bypassing his large frame.

The gale picked up the decaying leaves,
Fluttering around her like the butterflies,
He still gave her, with his piercing eyes,
He still gave her as he walked away.

They would dream together, but walk away,
Afraid they may fail,
But even more so,
Afraid they may succeed.

Mistakes were made, each to their own,
Do we learn from our mistakes? They would ask.
Did they learn and forget? We tend to wonder.
Old repeating, day never done.

Leaves scattered as he walked away,
The trail dark and almost death like.
Slowly fading from her sight in winters depth,
He melts away in moonlights gaze.

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