Party Animals (the odious tidings of an extravagant bureaucracy)

-------- Party Animals, tell me what is your fancy?
I could only guess I your humble shadows
If you'd be so kind, would you like to (like to) tell me
Party Animals, speak for us:

"Well we see all of your outstretched hands
Looks like we'll have to outstretch them
Partying is a profession – Partying is not a game
Which ever one wins always means the same:

Our resources have been blasted once too much
And soon world Partyers will be calling our bluff
So we all help you all help us get by
By ignoring the loopholes through which we've nosedived
And we help you by blasting your spite without reason
Because judging us Infallibles is a hefty, hefty treason
And we've tried you out for days; tried you out for months
In the name of the United States violated your petty trust

This is not our fancy, this is the law
Ever since our fancy made it so
Partying is a profession – Partying is not a game
But we act like it is so it won't seem the same"

--------Thank you very much, we've now cleared things up
With the good ol' Party Animals in different aisles
But excuse me, Mr. Animal, more commentary please
Our last guest talked in ties and answered nothing.