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Chapter 1

"Dada?" a little brown-haired 2-year-old boy walked around in a diaper and blue shirt on the red carpet. "Dada?" he called out again.

His little devilish twin came up behind him and pushed him forward so that the little boy fell over. The girl giggled and the boy began to scream and cry endlessly.


Cecily laughed as she paused the tape. "Haha." She turned to her brother.

Kalen glared at her. "You were such an evil little child." He muttered.

Cecily giggled again. "I know."

The twins were sitting on the couch of the small living room of their large California beach house watching their baby videos. It was the middle of a random day off and they had nothing at all to do.

Their parents were enjoying the day off by going out and leaving their poor young bored children at home. As for their friends…everyone had plans for the day except for Kalen and Cecily.

Cecily had grown a lot from the little girl in the video, being 16 years old, and no longer had her light brown hair. Her hair was short and shoulder-length and has blonde highlights. She tended to wear weird bohemian styled clothes and hung out with her lovely brother and sometimes random other boho chicks when she was at school.

Kalen, on the other hand still had his light brown hair grown out a little longer than shoulder length and cut over his eyes as long bangs he could hide behind. According to other sophomore students, he looked like a girl and usually wore light eyeliner along with semi punker or Emo clothes. But mostly Emo because he enjoyed stealing his sister's pants.

They had the best childhood and thankfully it was all on tape, which brought them to this lazy day watching baby movies. Thankfully though, they had yelled at their Aunt to come cook for them and bring over their little cousin too.

"If my daddy was there he would have killed you." Kalen muttered, crossing his arms over his chest.

Cecily snickered. "Well, my daddy was taping while Dad was off being himself. My daddy's always on my side." She pressed the play button.

The daddy-dad concept. Kalen called Kayou daddy and Kirin dad while Cecily called Kirin daddy and Kayou dad. It was rather confusing at times but effective.

"DADA!!!!!!" Kalen in the TV screen continued crying.

"Kalen? Kayou came into view, carrying a wet towel. He put the towel down and carried Kalen. He turned to the camera glaring. "How long have you been there watching you son cry while you just taped it?"

There was a low chuckle.

"Turn that thing off and go help your annoying sister make food." Kayou snapped.

"Yes sir!"

Cecily laughed. "Dad has daddy whipped!"

"That's my daddy." Kalen said proudly.

The tape cut to a scene of Kalen and Cecily on the floor playing with blocks.

Kalen looked all into it, making a tower of blocks and careful not to make it fall. Cecily glared at him and knocked the tower down.

Poor Kalen looked down at his fallen blocks and pouted cutely. He looked up at Cecily's triumphant face and began to cry. "DADA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Cecily giggled.

Kalen glared at his sister and stopped the tape. "I've had enough of this."

Cecily laughed. "You were such a cry baby!"

"Meanie." Kalen muttered. He stood up from the couch just as the doorbell rang. "Food!"

Cecily raced Kalen to the door and pulled it open.

Kariya jumped back from the sudden viciousness. "Whoa, calm down."

"Hi Cecily!" a small blonde girl waved happily. She was the effect of Kariya marrying a blonde American man named Jeff. And she was a cute 12-year-old effect.

"Hi Laurie!" Cecily waved back.

Kalen raised an eyebrow. "Am I not part of this family too?"

"You're not important." Cecily shrugged as she dragged her cousin in.

Kalen turned to Kariya. "See how she treats me?"

Kariya laughed. "It's okay honey. Now, show me what you've got."

An hour later, the house smelled of burnt meat and well cooked chicken. Kayou and Kirin had chosen to arrive at that moment and once they entered the house they both cringed.

"It smells like…" Kirin began.

"Kariya." Kayou muttered.

Obviously, Kariya had not inherited the family genes of cooking. She tended to burn everything but the good smelling chicken had to be Kalen or Cecily who were taught how to cook well unlike their poor aunt.

Kayou snuck into the kitchen to see Kalen humming a random song and pulling the chicken out of the oven. "Auntie I think your meat burnt!"

"Thank you Kalen!" Kariya yelled from the living room.

"Oh!" Kalen noticed Kayou. "Hi Daddy, you guys are here awfully early. Aunt Kariya burnt the meat."

"I can tell." Kayou muttered. He walked to the refrigerator and pulled out a lemon sliced in half, ice, beer and a coke. "How was your day without daddy?"

"Cec was making fun of me 'cause I was a cry baby when I was a kid." Kalen replied. "I think she should get slapped."

Kayou raised an eyebrow and pulled out three glasses and poured the coke evenly into them. "I think so too. She was the devil when she was a kid. And then there's my little angel Kalen."

Kalen blushed. "Aw daddy. You don't have to tell the truth!"

Kayou shrugged. "I can't help it." He poured the beer into the glasses on top of the coke and dumped in some ice and squirted lemon juice on the top. "Kariya! Drinks!"

"Yes!" Kariya came running into the kitchen. "I wish I married you instead of Kirin." She hugged Kayou tightly.

"I'm gonna tell daddy." Laurie muttered.

Kariya looked at her. "Oh, don't worry honey, your uncle can't steal me from daddy. He hates me!"

Kayou nodded. "And I'm gay." he added.

Laurie shrugged. "I'm still telling him."

"Who wants to play Twister?" Kirin popped his head into the kitchen.

Kariya gulped down her drink. "ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

"Oh God." Kayou slapped his forehead and sipped his own drink.

The next day at school, Kalen sat on the ground in the lower commons looking op at his twin who was talking to his group of friends dressed in her green boho skirt and crazy big brown leather belt with a totally different patterned and colored shirt. She wasn't matching as usual, but Kalen was.

"But yeah. I think I'm turning lesbian."

Kalen raised an eyebrow at his best friend. Sydney was a slim yet muscley girl with braided blonde hair and bright blue eyes. She was very tomboyish and always wore baggy jeans or pants.

"Syd, just because Bill Ernsit broke up with you doesn't men you have to turn gay." Kalen muttered. "Besides, only I can be the gay one in this group."

"Bullshit. You don't know you're gay." Sydney pointed out. "Just because your parents are gay doesn't mean you're gay."

"Bullshat." Kalen snorted.

"What's a bullshat?" a brown haired French boy named Charlot asked. He was very short and his name was pronounced Charlo, yet people tended to mispronounce it and say Sharlet. He was an artsy boy who loved to paint and play flute in band.

Kalen shrugged. "Dude Char, have I ever told you you're sexy?"

Sydney rolled her eyes. "That doesn't prove you're gay idiot. You could be bi too."

"Sydney, my brother's gay. Trust me I know." Cecily said.

"See? My sissy's got my back." Kalen smirked. "My daddy's my idol. I have inherited his manly charm and…sexual orientation."

"We're adopted, stupid." Cecily pointed out.

"Oh yeah." Kalen nodded. "Indeed."

"Oh shit, here comes Andy." Sydney hissed.

Kalen raised an eyebrow. "Sexy Andy and his group of druggie assholes?" He looked up and noticed a group of three boys making their way toward them.

"No way in hell you're calling Andrew Ramiel sexy. You're going way too far with the being gay thing." Sydney said.

"Oh…what was is that I hear?" A brown haired brown eyed football player guy asked. "Did that fag's best friend call him gay?"

"Yeah Tom." A Mexican guy nodded.

The other boy in the group who was obviously Andrew shrugged. His hair was jet black and flowed down over his ears and sometimes over his brown eyes. He was the usual football jock sexified. If sex were a jock it would be Andrew Ramiel.

"Dude, Pedro, Tom leave the fag alone we have to get to the field." Andrew muttered.

"Ah shit! Coach gonna make us run!" Tom said, using his lovely incorrect grammar. "I ain't running!"

Pedro shrugged. "Later fag and company."

The group walked away and Kalen sighed in contentment. "How does 12 years turn you into a sex god?" he asked Sydney.

"Well, I guess he's hot." Sydney shrugged. "Wait, I'm going lesbian…no, he's ugly as fuck! Well, you can like him since he laid off of you this year."

"Yeah." Kalen nodded. Andrew, Tom and Pedro used to always make fun of him and Cecily, mostly because of their parents, ever since they were little kids. As they grew up the teasing and making fun of grew less but occasionally, they would drop by and offer an insult, especially toward Kalen whom they believed firmly was a faggot.

"Check out that ass." Kalen sighed, looking at Andrew's retreating backside.

"I've seen better." Sydney shrugged.

Cecily snorted. "I'm sure you have."

"What's that supposed to mean?" Sydney snapped.

Cecily shrugged.

"I think she means you check me out because I'm the one who has a better ass." Kalen replied. "Well…wait…never mind."

"You're a retard." Sydney rolled her eyes.

"Anyways, where were we?" Kalen turned to Charlot. "You're sexy." He could have sworn he saw the French boy blush.

"Naw…" Charlot stammered. "I don't think you have your glasses on."

Kalen blinked. "I don't have glasses."

"That's the point!" Sydney laughed.

Kalen raised an eyebrow. And so he was confused for the hundredth time that day. But Andrew Ramiel was still sexy as hell.

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