Chapter One: The Girl Who Glowed

I apologize for the shortness of this chapter.

I'm not really religious. I just like watching children, and no matter how non-enthusiastic about it I may be, I am technically Jewish since my mother converted when I was three. But anyway once a year you might spot me at temple, watching the Bet Hebrew classes recite for the Shabbat service. That's where I first saw Sachari.

She came up to say the second group of lines on the A' arivim or whatever it's called. Her kipa was inside-out and obviously not cared about atop a red baseball cap, obviously cared for. Her black hair was short, tangled and even less cared for than the kipa.

Sachari's voice seemed forced. She would have gladly shouted that she did not thank God, that someone asleep did not care about seeing the stars; that much was obvious. I'm obviously saying the word obviously quitea lot, and maybe not so obviously I don't know why. See, three obviously-s in that sentence. I did that one on purpose though.

She even seemed to glow bright green a tiny bit.

Little did I know how important this girl really was…