Chapter 2 ( Sachari's POV)

I recited the lie through clenched teeth. Beside me Rinas squinted. He had not recognized the title of the prayer inside of the Hebrew. I rolled my eyes.

Now I was squinting. Someone in the audience was different; I could sense it. He was like me before I found out. Undisciplined power and ignorant knowing.

What was to be found out was Kam. Kam, the secret glow that I was infused with. The ruler, sort of the god, of the earth.

Nothing like how religions put it.

But this guy could see my glow. He could see that Kam had mixed, partly permanently, into my body, brain and soul. He did not know what he was seeing, but he saw.

Another like you, Kam whispered. Another Malk. I will take him soon, through you. I have a plan…

Far into the audience, Mr. John H. Kinley felt a tingle and a foreboding jolt.