this void is sucking my soul
as i feel myself disappear into nothing(ness) i can
feel the empti(ness) stabbing me on the back over & over

you fucking b e t r a y e d ME
after you told ME in your (honeyed) voice
that you cared when youreallydon't give s h i t
i had entrusted my heart to you but you
ripped it apart and flushed it down the toilet

as the water runs i SCREAM & i SCREAM & i SCREAM
but you can't hear me b e c a u s e my voice was stuck in my throat
only my tear glands weren't affected
tears continue streaming down these cheeks

i started dreaming in c o l o r since the day we first met
but now nightmares came back haunting my sleep in black & white
darkness once again as it will be forever
as i fly now with torn wings

give me back my ((((broken)))) heart
give me back my ((((vanishing)))) soul
you a.s.s.h.o.l.e


(a/n: I think this is my best angst poem yet. I feel especially proud because I was able to resist adding phrases that would have taken away the mood. :D)