Weathering Heights

So Lady,
Did you ever get the chance?
Did you have a good laugh?
- At my expense?

The wonder of worth;
To a love dignified?
On a cancer spree,
From tears you once cried?

Ace in accents,
Mannequin mistress;
Ice, ice cold, too many blisters
Boiled the Islands of the blessed,
In hot water;
"Nothingness" undressed.

…Your smile,
Of golden raven rays,
Tied our tongues in - decent,
In - different ways,
Blowing dust
Through dawning frights;
Red strict-delights

…Heat(h)ing up heights
In our empty space,
With weathering words
From plastered praise,

Diving off cliffs
To fall apart

"Tabula Rasa"
Of your heart