An Innocent Act

"Excuse me, miss, we need information about last night."

about what?

oh, you mean the murder.

of course people don't seem to understand

My innocent act is just a façade

an illusion,

but nothing is ever the same.

I loved him, and he didn't love me back.

so thus, I had to kill him.

there's still blood on the knife

And blood on my hands.

but your dumb and clueless,

and can't see that I did it.

all you seem to care is

"Your cute and innocent, thanks for the information."

all you see is that I am innocent.

But never assume,

that my naive, innocence act is who i really am.

It's an act

but I didn't tell.

of course I can't tell.

I am not innocent anymore.

It's only an act

including to myself.