Inspired to my lover, Dove chocolate, and Valentine's Day.

For you, from me♥

pink candy hearts
and declarations of love
on this not-so-normal Tuesday

I sigh at the stupidity of it all,
these lacy "Valentines"
on this day of love and lovers

love poems hung on lockers,
"oohs" and "aahs" fill my ears
on this sad, sad day

and I realize that I am not sad
but instead I am jealous
on this stupid Hallmark holiday

I scowl at couples holding hands
and fake-vomit at hallway kissing
on this pointless, wasteful day

I walk quickly to reach my locker
and gasp as I dial the combination
and the door swings open
to reveal two pieces of Dove
on this stupid, pointless, lovely day

A soft smile crosses my lips
as I read the not weighed down by the chocolate
telling me that "someone special" sends lots of love
on this day of hope and love and passion

And as the offending party moves past,
I reach out and pull my lover into a kiss
on this stupid Hallmark holiday