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Beautiful Mistake

And California seemed to draw you like a siren, from a postcard,or a letter

Ina frame of film melting

He's leaving? No, no, he can't be leaving, not after everything. Can't be. I want to shout, want to scream his name. "Don't leave!" Did I say that? He's watching me now. Are those tears rolling down my cheeks? I can't be crying. "Why?" Where are these tears coming from? Can't be from me. "Come back, please." His hand's still on the door, turning the knob, he's leaving. He really is. "No!" Not again. His taillights glow in the dusk.

And your taillights' faded

Like twenty years before

Oh God, what have I just done? He's gonna hate me for sure. He'll never talk to me again, he'll move out of state. Oh God, why? Why? Just had to do it didn't I, it was his fault, sitting looking so damn gorgeous in that tight red shirt he always wears, practically begging me. Always doing that psuedo-flirting thing with me. He was asking for it, wasn't he? Wasn't he?

I said last night how I feel about you

But you wouldn't recall, no you don't recall anything do you

I told him. Finally told him that I love him after all these years, and what did he do? Rolled over, said, "That's nice," and went back to bed. Why is my love life so terribly complicated? I only joined this stupid overnight trip just to get close to him; we got the same room, and guess where I slept? The floor, the goddamn freezing floor. Next morning, I asked if he heard me. "Huh? What did ya say?" I hate men.

Under you, I feel your breathmove in,out slowly

Under you, let go completely feeling you take over me

His head is thrown back, that gorgeous red hair in his face, obscuring his eyes just a little as he thrusts into me. My back arches up as he finishes. I feel so alive. Until I wake up, that is, the sheets and my pillow wet. Seems I drool in my sleep. According to my roommate, I also moan, but he has those headphones on at all hours, so what does he know?

Your letters and your cards

But no return address

Another card. Who keeps sending me these? Wait a minute, I know that handwriting. It can't be him, how would he know where I live? The class list, of course but why didn't he put his address?

Now you come around

Back to this town

Stupid door. Hold on, I'm coming! It's him. What's he doing here? He's not gonna rob me is he? I don't have anything, I swear! Why's he laughing? I must've said that out loud. Shit. Wonder what he wants. He's saying something. If he can stay? "Sure." Damn he's really attractive when he smiles.

Everything in two's

You make me whole again

He got me flowers. How sweet. But I didn't get him anything. I have got to stop thinking out loud. More flowers? Oooh, candy! Ew, coconut, wonder if he wants it?

He does, great. So cute when he's surprised. Oh, that felt good. Can we do it again? That was fun.

And your taillights' faded

But, but, why? We've been together so long. Please?

A/N: A little note, the above lyrics, are from -in order- Under You, Beautiful Mistake, Happy Day Mama, Under you, Beautiful Mistake, Everything in 2's all by Better Than Ezra.So, was this confusing? If so, please tell me. Constructive criticism is welcome folks.