Hug the Mirror

Susan Teenage Girl

Megan Another teenage girl

Scene: In a Bathroom. Stage Directions: Must touch and face each other at all times unless otherwise directed

Susan: Bursts onto stage in hysterics

Megan: Susan! What happened?

Susan: Megan… he… I…I've never felt so rejected.

Megan: What did he do to you?

S: Nothing like that.

M: Bull. Tell me. You know you can tell me anything.

S: He said no.

M: That's all?

S: nods yes cries

M: Susan come on you are smarter than that. There are boys everywhere, don't worry about it.

S: But it's Sam.

M: Sam will one day become Billy; Billy will become David, and so on and so forth. You can't let yourself get so upset at this.

S: Yes, I can.

M: Then this isn't really about Sam is it, it's about you.

S: It's always about me Megan; there is something wrong with me.

M: Besides the fact you think you are the scum of the earth; there is nothing wrong with you.

S: You know it's true.

M: Stop that! Stop that thinking.

S: Why else haven't I had a boyfriend since I started High School, why does everyone look at me with this, contempt, this hatred.

M: They don't understand you.

S: Why don't they take the time? It's because they know how miserable of a person I am.

M: You never smile.

S: I have nothing to smile at.

M: Bullshit again. You have plenty to smile at; you are gorgeous, look at those eyes! You are so intelligent; you constantly are winning awards and getting A's in the hardest classes.

S: I am nothing to smile at.

M: Why are you so blind? Or you do not choose to see?

S: I am just happy in my misery.

M: gently You are getting nowhere acting like this.

S: It is how I feel, it's who I am, I don't fucking know, I can't explain it.

M: Admit it, you hate yourself.

S: Sarcastically Okay Dr. Brothers, analyze me.

M: You are not Ashley, no matter how you try to be.

S: Go to hell, I hate that bitch.

M: You think she's perfect.

S: Perfection is unattainable, you can be only so pretty and so blonde and so skinny before you fall.

M: Are you waiting for her to fall?

S: With a camera.

M: You are jealous, why, why are you jealous of what you hate?

S: She has everything. She is everything I want to be.

M: What quality does she have that you don't?

S: She is loved.

M: Loved by whom? All her sycophants? Chad, Sam, whoever else paves a walkway for her to step on. Do you want your own posse to bow to your every need? I know you better.

S: No, she loves herself. It's the hardest mountain to climb.

M: So you dig yourself a ditch?

S: I can climb a molehill, but anything else is too much.

M: You know she gets C's, and people only like her for her endowments.

S: She is fake, false, and nothing would give me more pleasure than destroying her.

M: Why? Why is she worth it and you aren't?

S: You know it's so easy, it's so easy to destroy yourself, and I just take down my worst enemy one by one.

M: So you are your worst enemy instead of Ashley.

S: Yes. Isn't everyone?

M: I'm sure it's the same with her.

S: Than why do I feel so inferior?

M: You keep yourself down. She raises herself up.

S: I keep myself down because that's where I belong. I don't belong on the gym court, I belong not even on the bleachers, and I belong sitting in the classroom while everyone else has lives.

M: That's exactly what's going to happen if you let it.

S: Don't think it's just me. Ashley will always tell me what she thinks of me.

M: So what, that's one person's opinion, I think you are great. Don't I count?

S: Not as much as her. You like me, she doesn't.

M: Impress your enemies… Interesting.

S: Crying again Is it so hard for me to be normal?

M: Susan, come on now, what do I say is normal?

M & S: The endless struggle to be accepted in mainstream society.

M: See you are just as normal as the next teenager.

S: But that's the conflict, I don't want to be normal. I want to know who I am, I want to be special.

M: How?

S: I want to know what its like to be kissed, to be held in someone's arms and promised the world, to wear his sweatshirt and know that I am beautiful from someone else's eyes. That's how I can be special.

M: Back to Sam's purpose, I guess.

S: I don't know any of that. I don't think I ever will.

M: Don't say that. Jesus, you are going in circles.

S: There is a reason why you are my only friend Megan, you understand me so well.

M: Its costing too much, you are driving me up the wall.

S: You want to give up on me?

M: No, You need to realize how wonderful you are, but I don't know how it's going to get through your mind


S: Sigh, so where do we go from here?

M: Shy If you want to you can let me out.

S: Let you out, no. I don't want to do that.

M: What do you mean; I can make the world see what a charming person you are.

S: No, I am not letting you out.

M: irritated Why, what are you so afraid of that you might be happy for once?

S: I wouldn't be happy Megan, you would. You would get all the pleasure, and I would receive all the pain. You would push me out of my own body and you would never release me.

M: accusatory Are you afraid I would live your life better than with the way you are living it?

S: No, it would get too… confusing

M: Crazed Oh come on, You could go on a vacation, you could allow me to make you relax, so you wont cry yourself to sleep every night, you would eat something rather than starve yourself. You could let me be you, and you could just sleep until you realize that I was right.

S: Scared I don't want you to be me. I want to be me.

M: Angry I've been stuck in your head counseling you for sixteen years Susan and I am sick of living in here, with your self-loathing and your depression. I want to see the sunlight.

S: No, you will betray me Megan and I can't let you hurt me too. Turns away

M: I hurt you? cruel You know Sam would have said yes to me. You know Sam would have said yes, and we would have gone on the movie date…

S: Stop!

M: I would have pretended to be cold and he would have lent me his sweatshirt, which smells ever so faintly like cologne, and he would have kissed me open mouth.

S: Stop it. NOW.

M: Taunting And it would have been so passionate, he would have forgotten all about Susan, and he would welcome Megan into his heart. NO more loser Susan, Megan would be in charge. satisfied

S: I can't handle this.

M: And I would make you listen to every… single… detail.


Susan punches

S: I don't want to have to do this.

M: Do what? Punch at the air, Swipe with your claws at NOTHING.

S: I created you, I can destroy you.

M: You did not create me; I was there ever since you were born.

S: I considered you my guardian Angel.

M: I just want to be free and I want your life! You need to be the one stuck behind the mirror!

S: I am behind the mirror; you are no longer a part of me. Takes out razor

M: scared What, what are you doing Susan.

S: What I came here to do in the first place. I came in here to say goodbye Megan.

M: Don't you dare Strains against Susan

S: reaches out in struggle and slices her left wrist. Christ that hurts. Doubles over

M: You think it was going to feel warm and fuzzy like kittens? Doubles over

S: That's how death should be. I am doing this because you will not have your day in the spotlight. If I do not get mine, you don't exist.

M: This is too drastic, I don't want to disappear! I don't want to die. panic

S: calm I've been preparing for a while. I'm used to the idea.

M: The blood… it's flowing!

S: Let it.

M: Why, why are you doing this?

S: I don't have the strength to hug the mirror. breathes heavily I can only touch the surface and shatter it. Slices right wrist

Both fall over completely, Megan vocally shouts

Lights go Dark