Author's Note ---- I have made a few corrections to this chapter thanks to WaxWork Doll. I hope now you will see what I have change and I hope this time it will make btter sense. Thank You Jinx86

Chapter 1


The streets of London, empty and cold the only warmth coming from the small fires inside the small houses that lined the streets. Click clack click clack, her footsteps echoed off the cobblestones as she rushed towards a small house separated from the others. No one paid the least bit of attention to her as she looked over her shoulder before entering the small building. As soon as she enters she is consumed by the smell if old cigar smoke and stale sex. The hood that covered her face is pushed aside and her long raven hairs falls behind her back. Her face is a full mask one of a whore, lips unpainted. Her eyes the color of a dark brandy full of secrets waiting to be told.

She doesn't speak to anyone but heads towards the small staircase, feeling the eyes of greedy men following her as she ascends the stairs. She was here for only one purpose tonight and that was to make money to pay for the food in her stomach. The room was at the end of the hall, when she entered there was man sitting by the window. He was in his late twenties and he held a cigar in one hand and a brandy snifter in the other. He glances at the woman and sighs as he checks his pocket watch.

"Ahh Jade I was beginning to worry about you." He said putting is watch back into his jacket pocket. He stands and walks over to her, so she can smell the cigar on his breath.

He was angry with her she could tell by the way he walked around her. He wrapped her hair around his fist and yanked her head back as so hard that she felt her eyes water. "Now Diego you know if you put a fresh bruise on me now the customer will not be pleased."

Diego bent down so his mouth was by her ear. "Always thinking of the customer," he said letting her hair go. He walked to the other side of the room where there was a connecting door. "I'll send him in, in about five minutes. Do me proud Jade no screw -ups like last time." He walked through the door closing it behind him.

Jade exhaled slowly, removing her cloak, laying it on the window seat she shook her head. Causing her hair to fall over shoulder, feeling a chill up her spine she turned to see if he had come in yet. But there was no one in the room but her that was odd. She could have sworn someone else was there with her. But that was impossible, she was alone. Shrugging it off Jade sat on the small bed in the middle of the room spreading her legs wide she leaned back so her bosom was seen by her un-wanted visitor. As he walked through the door Jade could only hope that she wouldn't gag. He was an older gentleman, with a bald head and a huge stomach. He probably had a wife and kids, but that wasn't the issue she was here to do a job.

The man walked over to her the door was closed behind him. He carried a huge brandy glass in his hand. He stared at her with greedy eyes, Jade cloaked hers, making them look glossy, sexy. "What sir is your pleasure?" she purred and watched his chubby smile grow wider, then he came towards her stumbling as he walked. When he reached for her breast Jade gave all her will power into not pulling away. He smelled like sweat as he started breathing heavy. He never looked at her, only at her breast his mouth watering as he squeezed her so hard that she held back tears.

"Take off your clothes." He said in a small puny voice.

Jade stood up as he sat on the edge of the bed. She watched him as she untied her corset. Pulling it back, her breasts bouncing as she slung her hair over her shoulder. The man's eyes widened with envy as he stared at them. Jade stood there watching him not moving as she watched his eyes roll in the back of his head and fall backwards. Before she could grab for her corset, Diego walked in from the other room.

"Well done my dear." He said as he noticed the man lying on the bed. He looked at Jade who was standing pulling her corset back onto her shoulders. "Mmmm you are a lovely sight Jade. To bad I didn't keep you for myself." He said taking her chin in his hands. "But you whores are just so dirty these days, can't take the risk." He pushed her away not watching as she nearly fell because of her heels. He snapped his fingers and two of his henchmen walked in to carry the man out. They stared at Jade leaning on a nearby wall. Smiling they picked up the man and walked out, not a word was exchanged between them. Diego didn't even look at her as he walked away. "Your next will be in here shortly so be prepared, don't bother getting dressed my dear he won't be as quick."

Jade fell to her knees as soon as Diego shut the door. Shuddering she watched as no one came to her as she cried silent tears. She had no one, no one cared, she was completely alone in the world, and treated like the trash she was.

Jade sighs as she begins her walk home, her hood pulled low over her face Her heels were the only noise heard in the quite night. When she was three houses away from her own she heard footsteps behind her, they were walking fast, quickening with every step. So Jade walked faster until the point to where she panicked and she ran to her house. Slamming the door behind her she puts her ear against the door. The footsteps walk right by her house and she breaths deep. Locking her door hshe removes her heels and pulls the wad of money from her bosom. Her night's earnings had been generous. Walking over to a loose floorboard she pulls out a small biscuit tin and puts the money with the rest she had saved up. Almost enough to start her new life in England, she smiled as she put the tin back under the floorboard. Soon she would have enough to leave Diego, getting her chance to live in a civilized class.

"Are you sure that is what you want?" a voice said from behind her.

Jade jumped at the sound turning to look as she stood she backed away. "Who are you and how did you get into my home." She looked behind him and the door was still bolted tight.

The man smiled and took a step closer, Jade took two steps back. "There's no need to fear me Jade." He said chuckling.

Jade scuffed at his answer, no need to fear him huh. The man had appeared out of nowhere in her home and he told her he wasn't dangerous.

"No I didn't say I wasn't dangerous what I said was that you had no reason to fear me." He said pointing out the simple fact.

Jade's mouth dropped, he was reading her thoughts. But that was impossible, no one could. She stopped looked at the man again he was standing in the light now so she could see him. His hair was brown, glinting a bit of gold in the moonlight. It curled down near the nape of his collar. His eyes were dark, to dark to tell the actual color. But they suited him. His complexion was extremely pale for mid summer he must not step outside when it was light. The man laughed causing Jade to look at him again, he was handsome she would give him that. But she had seen many handsome men in her line of work, they always wanted something.

"Your right I do want something from you as a matter of fact." He said his face turning from laughter to serious in a blink of an eye. "I need your help to prevent something from happening."

"My help, mister you still haven't told me your name or how you got into my home."

He nodded. "Yes that is true, but right now my name is of no importance to you." He walked closer and watched as Jade backed herself up against the small table. "Do you really want to live the life you have planned for yourself?"

"What kind of question is that?" Jade said unsteadily, if he knew about that then he must know Diego and if Diego ever found out about that then he would kill her for sure. "I have no idea what you're talking about."

The man laughed once again. "Okay how about this. Do you enjoy your way of life as it is now?" he watched her defense stance rise but stopped her before she could speak. "Let's see you sleep during the day, and sneak around at night. You live a very secluded life Jade, never speaking to anyone." He paused waiting for her answer but none came. "I could give you a better life Jade, the life I would give you would make you do thing you have never dreamed of."

Wait a minute why was she sitting here listening to this? She turned to run but before she could he pounced on her taking her by her arm he opulled her against him. Jade fought him but to no avail, he didn't even budge as her fists pounded his chest. "Please leave me alone. I don't have anything for you, if it is money you want then you are speaking with the wrong person. Diego has what you need, just please don't hurt me, please." She pleaded as she finally gave in to her fear. There was no telling what he would do now, she could only hope and wait.

The man eased his hold on her, pulling her away so that he could see her face "Listen to me Jade, I do not wish to hurt you." He sighed when she looked at him in the eyes. "I only wish to give you a gift, one that I received at birth, then you can do whatever you want." He said caressing her face, sending reassurance and trust through her. She relaxed in his hold the fear disappeared in a flash. "Do you trust me?"

Jade looked at him, she didn't know why or how but she felt kindness within him, he wasn't going to hurt her. Somehow she felt it. "Yes." She smiled at him and he smiled back.

"Close your eyes Jade, and lean your head back." He made it a command in case she tried to fight him. "Now this won't hurt a bit I promise." He bit her felt her jolt in his arms, then relax.

Jade closed her eyes at the pleasure she was being given. It was something she had never felt before. She cradled his head against her neck as he removed from her the most precious gift she could give. As quick as he had bit her he was done, she felt so weak she could barley stand. But the stranger didn't give her a chance to fall to her knees like she had wanted to do. He picked her up and carried her to her bedroom as if she was nothing but a rag doll. She watched as he undressed her pulling her nightgown over her head. She was so weak her eyelids felt like lead, no matter how hard she tried it seemed impossible to keep her eyes open.

"Drink this and you'll feel better Jade." She heard his voice. She obeyed and took what he offered. It was sweet, sweeter then the honey she ate on her biscuits. When he pulled away she whimpered, it had been so good. "Now sleep, you'll thank me when you waken."

His voice seemed so far away, but she could feel herself falling asleep. She wanted to know one thing before she fell asleep. "What is your name stranger?" but her question was left un-answered as darkness took her and she was fast asleep.