Salad of Trees


to you and me

we've successfully outdone the breeze

out bodies flourish like flowers

in this dark and deepening

salad of trees


you and I

have learned perfectly, how to fly

through this living & breathing park

of drunken buzzing complexity

rolling wildly inside a grass-blades pie

Is it crowded-

Or are we the only ones around?

Hilarious joyful fools; we abound

too alive within each others eyes,

basking in crinkling tumbleweed glory

to be worried by the guise of frothed cappuccino sound

We're fumbling upon

a simple weblike red-soil dance-floor

Your dance moves entangle me in all that I adore

Causing me to lose my watches and clocks

and stretch toward rebirth from vines and boulders;

never again to lift the ugly cauliflower burden I've dropped

Because it isn't what we've blossomed for