A Star When Seen From the Sky

Sometimes when people look at you,

It's so hard to look away.

Someone like you doesn't come around too often.

Like a fallen star from the sky,

So rare and so magnificent.

And was once adored from afar,

I now adore right here.

In the confines of my own view,

What I see is crystal clear.

Gazing upon a starry night,

Knowing I've got a dazzling treasure

Right by my side,

Can be somewhat indescribable.

People look up at the stars,

And think "What a most beautiful sight."

And then people say,

You can only see the stars at night.

Suddenly that seems wrong,

Or else it must always be night.

Because when I look at you I think,

"What a most beautiful sight."

You're a star when seen from the sky

I wrote this about a girl whom is one of my best friends, and if you've read my other poem on this site titled, "That's What You Are To Me," yes, it's the same girl. I don't think I need to write about how much she means to me, for two reasons: 1.) It's pretty obvious from my poems about how I feel about her, and: 2.) No words can really describe how I feel about her.

Her name? I don't think she likes me writing her name just anywhere....lol. But, I have a nickname for her. The name I call her every nite on the phone, every time I see her, every time I write her a note, and it's "Princess." Because that's exactly what she is to me....a princess.

It's hard when you love someone who is already with someone....isn't it?