Make It

Maybe you'll finally see
What's been keeping me
You always say that I'm out of it, in my own world
It's just that I'm so into you

I can't help but stare
When I see you walking past
Your perfect curves, your wavy hair
I can't deny that I'm obsessing

You look so beautiful
Your body's showing off
My jaw drops wide open
I look like a fool but I don't care

There's something about you
Maybe it's that thing you do
Twirling around, prancing around
I can't take it, I just want it
I gotta make it to you

I've seen so many others
But none of them has done this
You're always teasing me, provoking me
I'm just so damn into you


Making my way past your boys
I shove away your friends
I grab your hand and lead you out
I'm gonna have this dance, ready or not

I'll be driving you home
Unless you wanna stay with me
I'll never let you go
My heart has long been longing

We'll tell the whole world
Just exactly what we have
We'll show them all
That all we need is you and me


I gotta get you
I'm gonna get you
I'm getting there, almost there

I gotta have you
I've finally got you, here in my arms,
Never gonna part

But then, I open my eyes
All I see is a stuffy pillow
It sucks when this happens
When's it gonna stop being a dream


Gotta make it
But I can't have you
You're what I want
Can't take it
It's just a fucking dream