How can she make me smile,

make me feel warm inside

comfort me in life's turmoil

and soothe my weary mind?

Why then, in the next moment,

will she bring me to frustration,

bore me and anger me?

Sadden me, and see my face wet

with tears spilt in vain?

What brings about this contrast?

How can I love and hater her?

And why do these feelings merge?

I am a lost cause

Hopeless, and so helpless

Lost in my mind;

the huge cavern of restrained thought

and hidden in my despair lies a quiet,

coiled beast just waiting

waiting to strike.

But I hold it close and keep it near,

with a pathetic attempt to protect

those I hold dear.

And no one notices the streaky

colourless tears,

or hears my silent pleas.

And all this time I am dying inside.

And down in her subconscious

She knows and weeps for me

But in her living reality,

She really cannot see.

And standing here I weep

For both the world and her.

And I decay from the inside, out.