Patience. Patient patient. Waiting. For long. For far too long. Song. Sing a song. Sing-song.
Patience. Still they won't look at…?

Dance yourself into a trance
Trance – romance perchance
The trance will enhance
Your – yes – your – yes stance
They don't look – or look askance.

Tell it all in hell tell that you fell and heard the bell toll bell toll bell toll – sing-song. They won't look at…? They won't construct my identity for me and I don't know who to be and I don't know what to see in the sea in me – flee – me – flee – me.

They won't look at…? but I look at them and then I sing a song about this bell which I heard and its toll came from hell, yes, I knew its knell and I cannot leave my shell – hell – sell – shell – to hell.

Patient patient. Diagnosis: They-don't-look-at-me-because-they-don't-know-who-I-am-so-how-can-they-know-who-they're-looking-at-itis.

Suicide. Swiss side. Yes-no. Taj Mahal – dome – home – yes-no-no-yes.

Imitation – limitation on imagination.

Less sense-less-sense-less-sense-less-sense-less-sense-less-sense-less-sense-less-sense-less…

They won't look at…? so I went home and the sun was, yes-no, shining on my – headstone.

R.I.P. V.I.P.