Time Withheld

There's nothing left to be said
when the headlights are upon you
and you have no time to be frozen
but your life has time to pass by.

In the ruthless glare of halogen
you see your insecurities, and wonder
where your happy moments have gone.
Were they ever there to start with?

Through the streaked glass, you see
the fragmented parts of your past
destined to remained disparate
as your body flies through and breaks.

The pavement that you lay on
is the only solid thing you have left
to hold on to in these fleeting moments
somehow frozen in time.

You say goodbye to the children
you never had and never will.
Tell your parents that you love them
Even though they'll be there soon.

The now is not your concern,
though you're soaked through
and bent badly and bloodied
beyond what you've ever known.

The only thing on your mind
Is IT, finally hitting you.
As time speeds up
You realize you can still feel

You just don't want to anymore.