Inspired to homeroom, French, and the musings of my mind.

Reading You

A sense of sorrow
is reflected
perfectly off your eyes
and I can see into
the innermost depths
of your soul, just
by looking into your

A feeling of doom
is imbedded
in your movements
and I can tell everything
about you just by
the way your arms hang.

A knowledge, deep and
painful, resides in your
heart and I can know
your innermost intentions
just by feeling
your heart beat
at night.

A certain depression
lies in your mind and
I can know your
very personality by asking
the one question
that will make you

An apocalypse
is in your aura and I
can see the end of
the world in the
words you write.

A single tear, filled
with all the troubles
of the world, and I
can know all
your problems
by the tracks left
on your cheeks.

A last trace of
hope resides in
your fingers and I
can feel that hope
so strongly if I
only hold your hand.

A tinge of
happiness lies in
your lips and I have
only to kiss you
to bring it out in
full force.

A wealth of love
lies in your
face and I can
reach it by simply
looking at you.

A deep love for
you engulfs my whole
being and you only
have to say those
three little words to
make my love