Interplanetary (An Accident Waiting to Happen)

Orbits break down over time.
Perfect circles waver,
if left for granted.

Exhibit A:
Pluto and Neptune.
A galactic flip-flop.
The runt is again denied
the light of the sun.

The asteroid belt waits,
a loose cannon.
What's to keep its journeymen
from disrupting the paths
of the otherwise unfaltering?

Or is the Red Storm a sign
of further trouble brewing within?
Neptune's rival cloud might spark
rivalry amongst the comrades.

And what of the moons -
these circling onlookers
waiting for a chance to shine
all on their own
and not be overshadowed
by their superiors?

The cosmos is unsettled.
Shifting amongst its predictable lanes
When will the road crew,
(orange cones and blinking arrows in hand
and inconveniencing the oncoming)
return to repaint the lines gone dim
from this unfinished infrastructure project?