You don't have the right;

To take me away from God

To yell at me

To ground me

To threaten me

To tell me to shut up

To not allow me to assemble

You do not have the right

To try to stop me from loving God.

So stop it

I have the right to




You as a step-parent to me

Do not have the right

To boss me around and tell me what to do

I did not marry you

So you don't have that right

So stop it all!

If you say you will not take me to church

Fine, I will walk

If you tell me I am not able to go to church if I don't do what you say again

I will not come home.

I have the right to go to church

Just because you don't like God

Because things don't go your way

You can not try to stop me from liking God.

But guess what…

Things don't go my way either

I have you yelling at me

You and mom fighting

Annoying siblings

Hard times in school

Self issues


A fallen apart family

The feeling of being alone

The pressure of having a job

And so much more

Of course you have some of these problems too

But you are older

You are supposed to have the pressure of a job

I shouldn't I'm only 14!

You have found a way to deal with a broken family

That's because you are older and more mature

Or so we think

You say that school isn't hard

And that you know it's not cuz you went threw it too

Times have changed

School is different

You say I shouldn't have anything to worry about

Because I am spoiled and have no problems


You don't realize what I go through

Everyday people pressure me

And make fun of me

If that's no problem

Then you're right I should have no problems

Cause you and mom wouldn't be fighting

I wouldn't have annoying siblings

Problems in school

Self issues


A fallen family

A job

Or anything else wrong with me

But, sadly,

People do not follow the rights and rules

So we all suffer

Some more than others

Some less than others

All we can do

Is try to stop it all

I hope that rights will be obeyed

And that people would do what our forefathers say

It's gotta start some where

Why not here

Stop it

Let me be me

And allow me my rights