Thinking of thought

Each day I ponder my thoughts that are needed to be

I sit back and thin



I am now lost in my thoughts

It happens all the time

First I'm just here

Then I stare away into the distance

And then I'm lost in thoughts

No where to be found

Then where am I to be found?

When I am lost inside of the distant thoughts of my mind

Inside those distant thoughts

I do move then think

I ponder

I question

I guess

I can't think anymore

I am too far gone in thinking

So what do I don now?

I begin to think some more

Soon I shall be lost too far that I can never be found

Thinking of thoughts

When you're too far lost in thinking

Where do you turn?

Is there someone who can pull you out?

Thinking of thought

Too far deep to be found

Thinking of thought

Thoughts too deep to comprehend

Thinking of thoughts

Wonders to wonder

Thinks to think

Questions to be asked

Answers to be left unanswered

Thinking of thought