Maybe she's right

On Monday

I told Mrs. T

How depressed and lonely I was

She told me

No one wants to make friends

With someone who looks miserable

She said I ought to try

Putting a smile on my face

Even a pretend one

Would do

I thought this was idiotic

But I was desperate

All week long

I forced a grin onto my lips

It felt painted on

Tight and frozen

I was sure everyone knew

It was an act

But then

Someone smiled back

They hadn't noticed

My smile was a lie

Somebody else

Even said hello!

I couldn't belive

How easily I fooled them

And I even fooled myself

And because I found

That the more I smiled

I really felt like smiling

On Friday

Chris invited me

To her slumber party

So I guess Mrs. T

Isn't such an idiot

After all