You think you know someone so well, you think that they are so perfect in everyway possible. Then one day, you meet them. You really meet them. You see a whole new side that you wish you never would of saw. Because that one thing that you saw, changed the hole view on them before.

You think that there is no hope to life and that nobody can help you because they don't understand. And everybody keeps telling you that you can talk to them because they will understand. While you sit back and think to your self, "You will never understand so you can shut up and but out." But all you can say is "Yea I know" and you sit there only wishing that they could understand.

You think that there is no point to try in life cuz all you ever do is fail. And while you watch all those people who do and are succeeding, it makes you sick. You can't stand it much longer before others begin to think that you are crazy. It is all the people that around you that are making you go crazy. Seeing the preps, the druggies, the perfect ones, the Goths, the geeks, and you hate all of them for their own reasons. Sometimes it's because you're jealous, sometimes it's because you have past experiences, sometimes you just don't know. And it kills you inside just knowing that they are better than you.

Or so you think. For some reason, unknown to all, we hate ourselves, and everything about ourselves. Sometimes we can't help but listen to the wormtounge, other times we are able to fight it off. But the trick is, not just trying to ignore it, but to completely ignore it. Why is it that we think we suck? Is it because we are in a world of comparison where nothing we do is good enough because someone else can always do it better? shrug No one may ever know.