My "Family"

(A slow tone with a soft voice)

Hey there…mom

I don't know you

And you don't know me

Pretended you did

Just so we can be…

What you call our family.

Hey dad

I'm not 4, not anymore

You don't see (I'm all grown up (whispered in background))

You still treat me

The way you did when you first met me

And that was when I was three

Hey there other dad

I'm not perfect

I'm not your little princess

Sure you were there…but that doesn't' mean

I'm gonna be you

Hey there sister (Do you remember me(whispered in background))

You're not there and when you are

Everything is always you

I cried with you, told you all my secrets

You said you'd stay to help

Then you were gone…again

Hey there little brother

You were my friend

Now you've turned away

You left me standin' all alone

We had a war going on with the nabjor kids

And you left me there to die

Hey there other little bro

You don't know how much I'm worth

So don't' treat me the way you do

I never hurt you

So why do you treat me like this? (Why (whispered in background))

(more hard core)

Hey there family listen up

I don't wanna know you

I don't wanna see you either

We're not a family and we never will be

Why do you even bother with this stuff?

You're not fooling anyone with this pretending anymore

So why do we bother

To act and say that we are a family

A perfect happy family!

(back to first mood)

Hey there


I don't wanna keep trying

And failing

We are falling

We have fallen

Where are we now?

Can we please

Just for today

Just stop pretending

And get along the road of life

With out this pretending

(back to second tone)

I'm done with you

I'm done with me

I'm done with this family

I'm sick of all this pain

So lets stop it all right now

You can't help me

You can't save me

I'm done with you

I'm done with me

I'm done with this family

(back to first tone)

I am done

I am finished

I give up

I surrender

It's all over

(whisper as music fades out)

I am done with this family