I just wanted to say thank you to everybody that has continued to read this story even though it's taken me AGES to get even this far. I lost motivation to write anything for a while, but your reviews have got me going again.

However, I am going to start from the beginning again because after looking back through the story there's so much that I want to develop that it's impossible to continue at this point without making changes earlier on. I've re-written the first few chapters in advance and I'm going to start posting them up now, and hopefully will get at least a chapter a week up till the story is complete now that I'm in advance with the chapters.

Aims for the rewrite:

Develop the characters more

Longer chapters

More of Krystal's life before Killian

Moreā€¦ mature?

Let me know how I do ;)


P.s. I'm looking for another beta if anybody is interested.