So Very Sudden

A fellow from New York

Out of the blue confesses love to me online

Even before I sent him my photograph

It was all too much for me

He prefers to be called "sweety"

I don't know his actual name

He likes to call me "babe"

Which I don't mind all too much

But it's too soon for pleasantries

Sure, he's nice and polite

But he doesn't know me in reality

He only "knows" me by the words I type

He wishes to meet me, dispite the distance

God only knows if he does

Matters are never dull for yours truly

Especially when the subject is love

I've left it all in capable Hands

Since this goes beyond my control

He knows if this is in my plan

Doing what is best for my soul

So though "sweetie's" words may be the kind I've heard many times before

I keep everything in perspective:

My life is an open door.

February 17, 2006