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Lover At First Sight

She apologized to the owner of the store for breaking the window, but he thanked her for fixing it as well. He advised her to get her cuts checked out and she just stated, "I have a very good doctor." She smiled and began to walk off towards the inn but the owner stopped her.

"Please, as a token of my apology for the trouble, take this dress. No offense but you would look better in girl's clothes," he instructed her to wait where she was so he could prep the dress for departure. She was soon on her way back to the inn with package in hand and blood everywhere. She entered on teetering feet with all eyes looking at her. She knew he was in their room, so she ignored the stares and mumbles of the drunks in the inn and made her way to the room.

She entered and fell to the floor in a heap, smiling at him. Shadow ran to her from the window seat and lifted her slightly. "I'm just tired, it's a long story. Could you clean me up, please," she asked in a light voice. He nodded and took the package out of her hand looking at it quizzically. "It's a surprise," she said with a wink that made him blush deeply. He began to lift her to the bed but she shook her head, "I'm much too bloody to be put on the nice clean bed. Just leave me here and undress me. The floor is easy to clean." He was blushing this time as he undressed her, because this time he needed to take everything off her. He soon gained his composure and loomed over her bare form licking her wounds and closing them. This time she didn't feel pain, she knew the feeling and could ignore it easily by enjoying the feel of his tongue on her flesh. She couldn't fight this feeling anymore, the feeling that had no name to her. Her realization had changed her ways towards him. Maybe she never really hated him, maybe she was never fighting so hard to get stronger to kill him...but to...

Soon he was done and she was completely clean. Though still tired she sat up and was face to face with him. She smiled and there noses barely brushed. Before either Shadow could say a word she pressed her lips against his with her eyes closed. She inhaled through her nose as if she was gasping, he pulled his arms around her and she was flat on the floor again. She was unsure of what came over her, but she liked the feeling. It was like she was truly happy, like the world could end that very second and she'd feel complete. They kissed feverishly like animals would and she just had the urge to rip his shirt open. She realized that fighting urges had only brought her grief, so she did what this one told her. He didn't seem to mind, he even shrugged it off and there lips parted leaving them both gasping and wishing for more. "I've waited so long for you Saffire," he said looking down at her with joy and sorrow in his eyes.

"You don't have to wait any longer," she said pulling him by the back of the neck down to her lips. His hair tickled her face as they continued on with more then just kissing. They had moved there carnival to the bed and finished up there, but not for some time. The sun would be up in a few more hours so Shadow, the only one with energy left got up to close the curtains. He turned and looked at Saffire lying curled slightly with drowsy eyes looking at him. She began to sit up but collapsed back down then groaned, "I wanted to show you the surprise."

He grinned from ear to ear and sat on the edge of the bed. He stroked her hair and stated, "You finally taking a liking to me is all the surprise I need for one night. Show me tomorrow and then we can go to the forest on the other side of town." She looked at him with a question on her lips, but before she could ask it, he was already answering, "An Old Man told me that what we seek it over in that forest. But in order for me to get what I want, I must give something. Something of equal value I suppose." She nodded and reached her arms out to him, begging like a baby to be held. His face had been serious but now it softened and he climbed back into bed with her.

She woke before him, which made her surprise, more of a surprise. She had gone to the bath house and gotten clean, then came back up and put the dress on all before he woke up. When he woke and saw her he would have had a heart attack if his heart was beating! "How do I look," she asked spinning a little with her arms out. He mouthed something but she couldn't make it out. Laughing she said, "What? Do I look that bad?"

He shook his head frantically and jumped out of bed. He snapped his fingers and he was suddenly clad in a sapphire tux with top hat to match her dress. "Mamma mia! Tu sia bellisima," with that said he extended his arm to her. She took it with a giggle and they walked out. They began there treck to the other side of town and it just so happened that they passed the girls that were being bitches. They looked at her in a beautiful dress like their own, and their mouths dropped. They were being mean to another girl and Saffire stopped, she glared at them and walked over.

"Now what did I tell you yesterday," Saffire asked with a fire ball in hand. The girl went pale and began to say something when Saffire extended her free hand at the girl. She froze with her mouth wide open and Saffire advanced tossing the fire ball like any other kind of ball up and down in her hand. She stood before the terrified girl and glared down at her with a manic look in her eyes and smirked. "Now this is your second warning slut. Bother another girl like that again and you will regret it. You're so very, unbelievably lucky I'm in an awesome mood, and have somewhere to be," she paused and brought her face centimeters away from the other girl's, "now let this scare you strait, whore. If I ever hear that you've been doing this to any one, I will come for you no matter where I am..." She let her threat hang on the air then let her spells dissipate. She turned and walked back to Shadow who was grinning at her. He gave her a nice kiss and they were off, leaving a terrified group of "beautiful" girls.

They walked through the forest on a path for a while when they heard singing. They followed the sound to a silhouette in front of a pond. "Hello," Saffire called out. The silhouette's head turned and a toothy white grin was seen. Before they knew what was what they were walking towards the thing. It met them half way and now they could see it-her- perfectly.

"My, my! You must really want something or you wouldn't have been able to come here! Dear, what could be so important," she had a sweet voice, but with an edge to it. She was beautiful with dark hair and white streaks through it. Pale skin, and dark clothing, and the oddest thing about her was not that she had wings, but that one was that of a bird or angel, and the other was that of a demon.

Saffire came to her senses first, "My you're more beautiful then legend tells! I am overjoyed that you are still in the place I heard of. My Lady..." she paused looking at the awe stricken Shadow, "he wishes to be human. Someone told him that he needed to give something of equal value...what could he give?"

The angel-devil laughed, it was manic yet melodious. "Silly child! He can give nothing for such a wish," she said in a calm and practical voice. Shadow snapped to attention and groaned, 'All this way for nothing....' "Silly boy! There may not be anything you can give, but she is quite eligible..." Shadow and the woman looked to Saffire. She didn't look surprised.

"I know what I have to give, and I am perfectly willing," she said as if read y to go into battle. It was half expected for her to salute after her statement! The angel-devil smiled warmly yet devilishly and reached her hand out to Saffire. "I never..." she began to Shadow before taking the outstretched hand, "I never really got what this feeling was Shadow...It's always been there, since I met you...I never really hated you, I only hated myself. I became stronger so I could one day face you, but not as a duel. To face you and tell you, that I love you." She had her back to him and her face turned slightly to see him, then she took the hand. They floated up into the trees and Shadow could no longer see them, but a light began to glow where he thought they would be.

"SAFFIRE," he shouted. "SAFFIRE," again and again he tried but the light only got brighter. He reached out to it, to the light and was soon knocked flat on his back and did not wake for some time. A warmth touched his face and his eye lids were lit from the inside out. He shook slightly and opened his eyes to meet the gazes of many little animals. He sat up quickly looking around to see his dream had come true. He sat in lush grass with vegetation all around him, furry little animals danced about and a pool of gorgeous water lay before him. He gasped in awe at his ever longed dream wondering if he was dead or if it was true. The warmth of the sun, the feel of grass on his skin, and the sweet smell of the air all told him that it was real! "Yes! Yes," he shouted over and over jumping up and down, twirling, and spinning until he was dizzy. Then he remembered, "Saffire! Saffire?! Are you here?! SAFFIRE!"

"Gah, stop yelling! I'm right here! You'll give me a headache," he whipped around and there she was. She came out of the water with sparkling droplets dripping from her dark, long hair. She was fully standing now and he tackled her back into the water.

"Oh Saffire! I'm so happy you're alive! I thought you had given your life! Oh, Saffire," he said again kissing her over and over in the cool water.

"I sort of gave me life. Well I gave my demonic background to her, so she'll live for more time, as well as yours. Just yours wouldn't do, but the process was a bit painful. I endured it for both of us, I'm glad I'm still alive! I take it you're well and happy," she questioned as he kissed her over and over everywhere! They waded around in the water for some time before getting out and lying in the grass the way they had in his dream. "Look at that cloud! It looks like a heart! Aw, and look at that one! Wow, I wonder what those people are doing, " she said teasingly already knowing what the clouds were doing.

"Why don't we take some advice from the heavens," Shadow said rolling on top of Saffire and peering down at her passionately. "I love you Saffire. I always have, I guess you could say it was love at first sight."

She smiled warmly to him and held his face in her hands, brought it down and whispered, "Ditto." She kissed him long and deeply, and they stayed that way for the rest of their days, living in a dream world just for them.