birth of a goddess

I proclaim myself a divine entity.
I am an enormity & a vastness,
too big & beautiful for anyone to comprehend.

"BUT YOU'RE TOO SHORT!" you bellow in outrage.
But have you noticed that
when you push me down,
I only rise again?

Like every morning when your sun attempts
to steal the limelight with its deadly blazing radiation,
my towel of opiate night seizes the stage back before long,
covering your big ball of shiny gas with my detailed pattern of moon & stars.

Back off, you bastard, I tell you.
All I was doing was taking
a bath & a nap.
Just you watch, I'll outshine you,
already the poets & the priestesses worship me.

"But your hair is black!" you tell me in protest.
And you think I have not noticed
the empty bottles of peroxide
in the bathroom bin?

Besides, my dragon flies twice as fast as your eagle,
which by the way, is bald. It overtakes your lagging, wheezing bird
in a flash of golden scales and silver whiskers,
its sleek reptilian shadow eclipsing the caw of your elderly avian.

Choke on my dust, you loser, I mock you.
All I was doing was upgrading
my engines & gears.
In but a while I'll be pop culture,
already the runways & radios are going oriental.

"But… but you're a girl," you stammer desperately, clutching at fiddlesticks.
I flash my sweetest, sexiest, sanguinest smile at you.
It is an enticing slice of glow-in-the-dark, Cheshire watermelon,
& you falter.

I flip you the finger with my left
& blow you a kiss with my right.
Then I shoot you three times – bang, bang, bang –
in the chest, with the
pistol concealed in my invisible handbag.

This is my prerogative.
& I win, at least for now.
& I will do it again & again.

-maybe hecate. 18th february 2006.

a/n: yes, sith happens, but I am a deity in disguise, so I disregard discrimination, hat, hat, hat.