My demons chasing me again

My peace gone

My hope unfounded

My lies catching up with me

My protector nowhere to be found

Never to be found

Never to be recovered

Never again to be remembered

Never to be avenged

Never to be cared for

If I sing this song of wanton cruelty

If this cry be made words

If this art of pain is seen

If in nakedness I stand before one so mighty

If I impart to be nothing

Darkness overshadows all

Darkness is my enemy

Darkness as my ally

In quietness I speak, shattering all that hears

In brokenness I find my bitterness

In agony my strength

Fear speaks these words of ice

Fear holds my peace captive

Fear mocks

Fear knows my heart

Fear will someday be no more

To slay this foe that follows

To begin to understand

To hold onto my loves

To keep myself from my foe

To hold up my head and know

Peace is nothing but a riddle that philosophers came up with to mock those without.