Kim & Nuby

Although I have moved

From country to country

Never looking back

Always looking forward

I still have made friends

In all sorts of places

War zones, and deserts

Homes too horrible to imagine

They have been with me

Where I have gone

Protecting, and healing me

Giving the hope I always needed

However, there two friends

Whom stood out amongst them the most

With their friendship, and their loyalty

None of which knew no bounds

Their names were Kim & Nuby

Friends I had met in middle school

Yet stood by for dozens of years to come

No matter how difficult the troubles became

Kim with long, brown hair

And a cherub like smile

Artistic, kind, and shy

Yet devious, crafty, and roguish

Nuby with black hair like the finest Chinese silk

Tanned skin, and an angelic smile

Sweet, caring, and protective of her loved ones

More than willing to make them happy

Truth to be told, it wasn't easy

Being my friend, and confidante

I acted strangely and was pretty weird

I embarrassed them way too often

But no matter what came between us

My behavior or anything else

Kim held my hand so tight and firmly

Nuby resting my head on her shoulders

We may have been pretty different

Nuby was cute and popular

Kim was practical and creative

I was loud and opinionated

We still stuck by each other

Eating lunch and hanging out

There were no secrets kept between us

Sisters of the purest kind

Though Nuby spent time with her other friends

Kim took her work and art very seriously

While I tried conquering my problems

Nothing was able to tear us apart

People came to Nuby for advice and comfort

It did drive her crazy sometimes

And took her free time as well

But Kim and I understood

We would never shut her out

No matter how many times she canceled

On our outings or shopping trips

We never blamed her for such acts

For she was with us whenever we needed her

And made us her special maids of honor

Custom tailoring our blue silk dresses

Teaching us to dance, and do our hair

Kim was a little shy

When it came to expressing herself

She mumbled a lot and was afraid

Of disappointing all who met her

It drove me and Nuby quite crazy

Trying to coax her out of her shell

Being shy wasn't something we understood

But we did want her to be brave

However, Kim was brave

In more ways than one

Her family had problems and so did she

But none of that stood in her way

She kept at her schoolwork

Never skipped or missed or a class

Fulfilling all her requirements

Even if the teachers drove her nuts

Things tried to drag her down

Such as her peers and dreams of college

Situations at her home as well

Far from the Cleavers stereotype

But she was positively amazing

In how she never gave up hope

The world could end in a blink of an eye

And yet she would still achieve her dreams

Art may have been her dream

And others criticized her for it

Ignoring what everyone else said

She found ways to make it come true

And in spite of everything

That could possibly break her down

She went off to college with a scholarship

And is now in her sophomore year

Kim & Nuby had been my friends

Since the very first time I came here

First in middle school than in high school

God knows the trouble I caused

They stuck by me through thick and thin

Willing to protect me whatever the cost

I never understood what they saw in me

But I'm glad that it was there

There were the two I could always depend on

On everything that befell me

My problems, my Dad's illness, moving away

And not knowing how to grow up

Taking my hand and holding me close

Drying my tears with their loyalty

To them I was worth anything

And that felt so very wonderful

Although we may be growing

Up and apart

Kim's at college, and so is Nuby

While I'm preparing to go out of state

We're still with each other

In our hearts and heads

Holding on to our friendship

No matter how much we change

So if there comes a time

For you to choose your friends

On their qualities or personalities

Or even social status

I hope you find two people

Who are just like Kim & Nuby

Because when it comes to having best friends

God couldn't make any better than them