A/N: Hey I'm back, this is the sequel to Welcome To My Life. You don't have to read that for this to make sense as most of its explained though.

Chapter One

He was nervous, for the first time in his life he was experiencing that horrible fluttery feeling in his stomach.


Because he was down on one knee, ring in his hand, the words 'Will you marry me?' had left his lips and a very long silence later found him stuck kneeling on the hard wooden floor without a reply. The nervousness became a tight knot in his stomach as Alastair burst into tears and he sat back on his heels, rather confused.

They loved each other and Ali was the one that had been hinting at that he wanted more permanence. Yet the proposal had simply made him cry.

Was the idea of marrying him seriously that appalling?

Jay opened his mouth to apologise, hating seeing his lover cry but fell backwards before the words could be said as Alastair threw himself at him.

He held the sobbing brunette as he cried and stared at the ring that had caused it, unsure of how he should feel at such a negative response.

"Please don't cry Ali," Jay mumbled into the other's hair, "I hate seeing you upset."

"N't ups't," was the only muffled response he got before he was being very thoroughly kissed.

Jay was stunned as Ali's hand wound into his hair and a velvety tongue slipped into his mouth and could only kissed back as Alastair gave him a typical sinful kiss that made him want to throw him down and shag him into next week.

As they kissed he reached out and grabbed the discarded velvet box, thinking that it would be best to try again in a couple years.

"I love you," Alastair breathed against Jay's lips and closed his hand over the box to take the ring.

Jay was wondering how the tears had disappeared so suddenly and didn't realise what the other was doing until the simple silver band was slipped onto Ali's finger and the brunette was making the sapphire sparkle by moving his hand. He couldn't help but think Ali was more complicated than a woman sometimes.

"Ali?" What was the answer? What was wrong with a simple yes or no?

"It's so simple but it's really nice," the brunette mused and gave him a shy smile, "Thank you."

"For what?" Jay asked as Ali kissed him again and the youngest Weaver gave him a roll of the eyes.

"Never change Jay," Ali kissed his neck, "Never change."

The final verdict was that Jay thought Alastair was more complicated that any woman alive but the thought disappeared when Ali pounced and their dinner was left forgotten on the table while the brunette showed him quite how happy he was.


"So are we going to tell anyone?" Ali asked early the next morning while Jay grudgingly dragged his trousers on while the younger male snuggled into the bed covers to stay in the warm. They heard Jon as stumbled into the apartment with some random stranger and activated selective hearing automatically.

"I assumed we would," Jay sat on the bed beside his fiancé, he liked the sound of that, and ran fingers through Ali's hair, "Do you not want to?"

"Not yet, I want it to be just for us at the moment" Ali admitted, frowning at the sound of Jon's guest moaning loudly. Why did he always pick the loud ones?

"If that's what you want," Jay kissed Ali's nose, smiling when the brunette wrinkled it in protest and claimed his mouth in a passionate kiss before he left.


"Heard from JJ?"

Ali looked up at his brother and scowled, he was fed up with the never-ending drama between the singer and his best friend and for once he wasn't going to get involved. As far as h was concerned Jon didn't deserve Jared.

"No," he ground out when Jon didn't leave.

"Are you sure, because I could have sworn you were talking to him on the phone this morning," Jon sat down on the sofa beside him and Alastair glared at him.

"He doesn't want to talk to you," he replied eventually and returned to the script he was reading for Ryan to send Jared later that week.

"I need to explain what happened," Jon whined and the younger brother rolled his eyes at the childish behaviour.

"Everyone knows what happened Jon," Ali remarked, not even bothering to pretend he was neutral, "You cheated on him and the slut went to the newspapers. Why did you agree to do half of that stuff with a woman anyway?"

"I didn't!"

"Don't lie Jonnie, we all know that what she said was true," Alastair returned to his reading and ignored any other attempts from his brother at talking.

When the elder brother was gone Alastair sighed, he didn't understand Jon, one minute he was the perfect boyfriend but the next he was going out of his way to make JJ's life as difficult as possible. He'd never understood him really, even as children there'd been a big distance between them. Jon would always pick on him or break his toys and later he'd use the 'play fights' that normal brothers had as a chance to seriously hurt him. Hell, Jon had broken his nose at least four times before he was ten.

"You done with that?" Ryan asked from the door and Ali shook his head.

Ryan glanced at the door to Jon's room before going back to the kitchen and the brunette smiled at how Ryan had checked he was all right after a conversation with Jon. Ryan always had been the peacekeeper.


Alastair smiled at the feeling of fingers being threaded through his hair as he woke; he'd fallen asleep during watching a film with Jay and was using his lap as a pillow. He pretended to shift in his sleep and heard Jay inhale sharply when he brushed against his crotch. Oh he loved teasing his fiancé.

"Does he realise he's doing that?" Ryan asked and Ali's eyes shot open in surprise, his cheeks burning red. He'd not known that his brother was in the room or he'd never have done it.

"Yeah I'd say he did," Jay drawled and Ali buried his face in Jay's neck, avoiding looking at his brother at all costs. He huffed at the laughs and bit Jay's shoulder in warning.

"Hey!" the black haired actor shouted as teeth sunk into his shoulder, "What the hell!"

Ali just sat back, smiling smugly and Ryan shook his head as he laughed. Jay glared at him, rubbing his shoulder with a mock frown.

"You're vicious," Jay complained and Alastair simply smiled more, shifting to lean against his fiancé. Jay gave an exasperated sigh and looped an arm round the brunette, noting the amusement glistening in silver eyes and vowed to get revenge the moment they were alone. He nuzzled against Ali's head to tell him he was forgiven even if he wasn't sorry for biting.

"Have you called Jared yet?" Ryan asked Jay, ignoring the purr that came from Ali, they'd all long since given up at working out how he managed to make noises like that.

"No," Jay's eyes darted to Ali as he purred again, "The premiere isn't until next week so I'll ring him then."

"Just don't tell Jon," Ryan muttered as the front door slammed shut as Jon left for a concert. The middle Weaver brother had been very temperamental after a week without Jared and had actually stopped talking to everyone in his family.

"Wouldn't dream of it," Jay agreed and smiled discreetly when he felt the engagement ring on Ali's finger as the brunette linked their fingers. Ali glanced up and gave him a small, shy smile that accompanied any mention of getting married.

"Love you," Jay mouthed, running a hand through Ali's hair again and the younger actor promptly ruined the moment but purring again and making Jay laugh.

Ryan watched the couple with interest, wondering what had sparked the sudden exchange of secret smiles and whispers. The two had always been close but it seemed they were suddenly even closer.

It was a sudden sparkle of blue from Alastair's left hand that answered the mystery.

A ring.

An engagement ring.

An engagement ring on THAT finger.

An engagement ring on THAT finger of his baby brother's hand.

"Something you want to tell me?" he growled once the fact had fully registered and Ali glanced at him in confusion. Ryan moved forward menacingly and yanked the ring from his baby brother's hand and examined it, "This perhaps?"

Jay stared at the suddenly very scary Ryan Weaver, finally understanding why Alastair had said his older brother had kept any other potential boyfriend away as they grew up. The guy was seriously intimidating when he glowered like that.

"Oh that," Ali said flippantly, trying to grab the ring from the older male's hand but failing, "It's my ring."

"I'm not stupid Ali," Ryan growled, "Don't think I don't know what kind of ring it is."

Ali stared at Ryan stubbornly, not wanting to divulge any more information and Jay shifted uncomfortably, wondering if he should have asked permission first as Ryan clearly wasn't happy.

"Jay go home and don't come back!" Ryan ordered, dragging Ali off the sofa and to the kitchen.

Ali was shocked at the sudden mood change, although he already knew about the protective big brother side of his brother he didn't understand the sudden appearance.

Why was Ryan so annoyed considering that Jay had already had six months of getting approval from him?

"Explain!" Ryan snapped, shoving him down into a chair at the kitchen table.

"He proposed," Ali sighed, "And don't look at me like that, I'd been hinting at something more permanent between us, like moving in together seeing as we're both eighteen and have been together for over a year."

Ryan was staring at his younger brother angrily and Alastair glared back, irritated that he wasn't being trusted to make his own decisions.

"I love him Ryan. He's been important this year, what with mum and dad acting like prats and I only wanted to move in with him, I didn't think he was going to propose," he saw Ryan's anger start to dissolve and pushed on, "I'm glad he did though, it means he really loves me too."

"You're too young," Ryan argued and Ali snorted.

"Mum and Dad were sixteen and look at them," Alastair argued, "They're still together now."

"Are you forgetting that Dad slept with my mum while married to yours? They're hardly happy or faithful," Ryan disagreed and Alastair snatched the ring from him quickly while he had the chance.

"We aren't like that," Ali shook his head, slipping the ring back where it belonged, "We aren't going to become what they have, you just need to understand that I'm not going to be the baby of the Weaver family forever."

Ryan stared at his baby broth-

No, just as Ali said, he wasn't a baby brother; he was eighteen and legally an adult. Ryan pursed his lips and nodded slowly, understanding that he had to let Ali grow up and didn't need to pretend to be dad anymore.

"How long have you been engaged?" he asked in defeat and Alastair moved to hug him tightly, a huge smile on his face.

Ryan understood how headstrong his youngest brother could be and if he weren't careful he'd find himself shut out of his life. He'd been unsure about Jay at first but the teen had turned out to be nothing but the perfect boyfriend to Alastair so maybe he could be trusted.

"Six weeks, he proposed two weeks before JJ left," he answered and shot Jay a smile when he saw him hovering by the door, "Do you mind keeping it a secret? We aren't ready for people to know."


"I love you," Ali exclaimed as Jay crept into his lover's dressing room with pizza and kissed him briefly before snatching the pizza and running over to the sofa to eat, lavishing more attention on his food than he had on Jay, even though he'd just travelled across half on New York to take lunch to his boyfriend.

"Should I give you and the pizza some privacy?" Jay questioned with a mock pout and Ali sniffed, greedily opening the pizza box and inhaling the smell of hot food.

"Give me twenty minutes alone with him please," he ordered as Jay sat beside him, pouting when his hand was slapped away from the food.

"You've given your food a gender?" he asked bemusedly, still finding Ali's weirdness a little much at times.

"Of course!"

Jay shook his head, baffled, as Ali ate his pizza greedily, making noises of enjoyment, and wondered if he really should give the two some privacy.

When Ali moved onto the chocolate éclair he bit his lip, the sight of his fiancé eating making him very uncomfortable, "You're supposed to eat it, not have sex with it."

"Would you rather I was doing that to you?" Ali moved to sit across his lap and breathed teasingly into his ear, "Because that can be arranged."

Jay swallowed as the brunette ground against his lap and kissed him deeply, urging him to do anything but tease.

They only had half an hour before Alastair was called to shoot his next scene and Jay found himself standing by one of the cameras watching Alastair act as a very convincing teenage womaniser. He stood with a security man called Richard who was accompanying the actor playing the lead, Michael Reed, the biggest star in Hollywood.

He was worried to hear about how often Michael was mobbed and hurt by fans. Alastair had started to hit big time in his recent films, his ability to pick the right films throwing him in with the bigger fish and Jay couldn't help but be concerned that his lover would end up in that position some time in the near or distant future.

There was a wave of laughter at something Alastair had said and Jay glanced over at the brunette to meet amused silver eyes. He mouthed 'I love you' and turned back to his conversation, missing the fact that Richard was watching the charismatic brunette with interest as he joked with the crew.


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