He Blinked

The words resonated on her lips,
As he pulled back her hair.
His thumb gently grazed her cheek,
She smiled playfully up at him.

He glanced across the room,
Books, tapes, and cds out of place,
Out of order, but everything so right.
The warmth of her touch, so inviting.

The chill of the breeze,
Sounding winters unwelcoming return.
He clutched her hand, twined with her fingers,
A fleeting moment, awoken by the light.

Her hand slowly slipped from his,
Remembrance, but a dream of his touch,
The sound of rain, the heavens cry once again,
Forgotten tears, now, but a memory to her cheeks.

They embraced, bodies unlimbering to the touch,
Longing for the missed breath, she said,
"Kiss me" their lips barely touched,
He blinked, she was gone.

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