(02/18/06) Long time no see, right? Sorry I haven't been writing. It's been … difficult this past year to muster up the inspiration and desire to write.

Anyway, this is a story Avalon's Guardian and I came up with a long time ago and that I really liked. I'm sorry to say that I most likely won't continue my old stories but I hope this one makes up for it.

Characters are hers and mine. The story is too. I don't want to hear any copyright crap.

Sorry if the prologue doesn't make much sense and that it's really short. I'll try and get the first real chapter up as soon as possible.

In any environment, those of common background and race flock together for support and common ground. The same is true of species; one never sees a raccoon among a family of squirrels or an elephant among lions. However, one exception has been in existence for thousands of years, and many of one said species denies the fact that the other species even exists.

Humans and immortals have never co-existed in harmony until the general population of humans forgot that the later was even real. Elves, unicorns, dwarves, and anything else imaginable have been dismissed as fictional Tolkien characters in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries. However, before the human imagination began to wane so dramatically that they forgot their predecessors, immortals had always been prosecuted and killed mercilessly. The true minority in this world are the immortals, who, silently and regretfully, fade into obscurity from the world they once belonged to.

However, there are several immortals that have an odd predicament that they aren't even aware of. These immortals are so accustomed to humans that they believe they are the people they walk among. Some immortals live a normal human life with no elongated lifespan, always moving and changing constantly with no recognition whatsoever of their uniqueness. For if an immortal believes in something without any doubt, it will always be true to them and everyone around them.

Conditions such as this are not to be pitied; immortals who know of their state ostracize themselves from most humans simply out of instinct, but for an immortal that truly believes he or she to be human, discrimination based on race shall never be felt during that being's lifetime.

Nevertheless, to be immortal is also a blessing, for in dire situations human limitations and restrictions can result in death, but special abilities or powers can save one's life if used correctly.

An immortal who believes him or herself to be a human can have his or her true nature revealed by another immortal at anytime by a very simple process. But such a dramatic change can be the death of some or become his or her greatest burden.