Your eyes hunt for me
Like two spears craving the taste
Of blood on their tongues

Authors Note: For people that aren't my regular readers, I like to write random haikus every now and then, that don't necessarily relate to me. This is one of them, although, I could probably relate to this one a little, I think. It really depends on how it's interpreted. With this haiku, you can think of your own situations as to why this is happening, if you wish!
One reviewer has made me realise that some people may not know what a haiku is, and may interpret it as just being a super short 'normal' poem, like this reviewer has, when it isn't. It's my fault! I'm sorry! I should have explained! A haiku traditionally consists of three lines, the first and third lines having five syllables and the second line having seven syllables.
I hope you like this haiku!