A/N: Yeah I know, a self-hate poem. I don't really like it but is was good to use as a vent, better then what could've happened. Anyway, Read and Reveiw please! It probably makes no sense towards the end :S!

I Hate

When I look in the mirror
This is what I see
A lost and lonely girl
Staring back at me

With her dark haunting eyes
That know more then they let on
Her dyed hair and made up face
Hiding what that darkness had won

Herperminent list
Ofscars on her thighs
Of all of her sorrows
Of all of her lies

Her black eyeliner
Streams down with her tears
The blood on her leg
Signifies everything she fears

My eyes creep up her body
She looks fat, unhealthy, dead
Her expressionless face, her deep wounds
All of these thoughts inside her head

I try to pull my face away
From the horror that lies within
My head tells me to keep on looking
I see her bare an evil grin

This thing in my mirror
Cannot possibly be me
And yet, despite everything
I truly hate hate I see