True Love

Sitting at my desk

Suddenly she comes on

I stop my other things

So I can talk with her

We get to talking

For a little while

I completely stop writing

True love is what it is

Staying up late

When I'm tired and need sleep

To be with the one I love

The feeling goes so deep

Who would have guessed

She'd have been the one

I'd fallen in love with

Isn't it odd

I sit here all night

Not doing anything else

Why would I want to?

I can't help but want to be with her

Now my hearts beating quicker

Having fun with her

Going red

Feeling sick should be in bed

But I cant
Leave my love

When I get to spend time with her

I will

Now people say love is forever

And I'd have to agree
I think love is for people
Like her and me