Chapter Four: Peaceful

When I first came here

i was in a bad mood

But ever since I fell in love with you

Thats changed

And what makes me feel good

Is that you love me too

Not just in a childish way

But one with true meaning

So much in common

It couldn't get any better

And when were together
I couldn't get any redder

And now I know

Were meant to be together

Like a bird

Is meant to have feathers

Your voice fills me with peace

And makes me at ease

And you think
I'm easy to tease

I never knew

The day would come

Where I would love her

But it's great

So as long as

We keep in touch

We'll be able

To stay in love

Even if we drifted apart

Hey don't worry it won't happen

I'd still be in love

I mean it's hard not to

So our love will stay strong

Forever and always

I love you girl

And that wil never change