Giving Up Would Be So Easy

- - -

Written when I was in one of my depressed moods and before you read further, please be aware that I know some Muslims are making total assholes of themselves right now....and I am so not one of them.

- - -

I'm the type of person,

Who'll swear back if you swear at her,

I lose my control quickly,

And sometimes let release my temper.

I'll stick up even if I am,

One against a billion,

I will always defend what is right,

Including my religion.

But the saddest part of all this,

Is that the victims are sometimes wrong,

And they are the ones who cause all the trouble,

And act like they are strong.

They misrepresent all I defend,

And call their own people names not worth knowing,

I feel the depression that starts straight away,

And dampens all my pride and glowing.

Why should I defend them,

And go to so much trouble to try to achieve?

When all I get in return,

Is swears and threats, ready to receive.

And so, I withdraw and hide,

Feel the shivers that rack through me,

It's at that moment that I think,

That giving up all the effort would be so easy.

But once again, I look back,

And know that there are still some true people out there,

So I sigh and get up and keep on defending,

All those people who are victims everywhere...

- - -

A big thanx to Aquafied, Tecna, Arichos, QueenVixta, Cedric Quilfeather and all those people who've kept on reviewing despite finding out that I'm a Muslim. Thank you for your support and encouragement and as always, keep writing.