A/N: Hey everyone...tis been a while...anyways, wrote this after I went to a party last night and I was dancing and it felt...relaxing, almost. So I tried to capture that and came up with this. It's not my most amazing work, butI don't think that's happened yet. R&R me, I'll R&R you!

--pammy--- x3

On The Dance Floor...

Lights flashing, bodies moving

Pushing, shoving, groping, living

Let's all just get away for a while

Find a happy place for a while

Where the only thing you feel

Is the music pulsing through your veins

And the only thing you hear

Is your heartbeat going insane

Ties and dresses, highs and lows

It's almost like you're drunk

But you just don't know

Let's all just get away for a while

Forget about responsibility for a while

Let someone else drive you home

You're in no condition to be alone

Lights flash around the room

Everyone's distorted, yes, even you

The faces change and the names rearrange

But the moving, the music, it all stays the same

Let's all just get away for a while

You're not quite sure who you are anymore

But that doesn't matter once you hit the floor

Release the tension built up inside

The anger, despair, the tears you didn't cry

You're moving freely, faster, falling into bliss

Your mind is gone and there's just this

That incredible feeling of letting go

Letting all of your emotions show

Let's all just get away for a while...