I could write another ode to you,
But all the odes and poems—
Songs and melodies
Cannot describe how much I love you.
Word after word,
Kiss after kiss
Swirling in the mists,
Surround us.
Then I stop to think,
This love and joy I feel,
Would it have happened
Had things have been different?

Would I have met you,
If I had never met my now ex?
Would I have known you,
If I had never gone to her house?
Would things have been different,
If I had told him 'no' and walked away?
Would we be in love,
If I kept having doubt in my heart,
Because of him?

We cannot dwell on the past.
Our future is now
Ever binding us and flowing.
Pushing us forward.
So I'll love you without complications.

That I know is true.
And I'll never look back,
Because of you.