These poems need an entire other chapter to explain them. . . With that said, I'm now going to attempt to explain them. (If it doesn't make sense, I'm sorry that my level of insanity has increased since the last time I checked on it. If you feel that you need further explanation, IM me at platypigoddess96)

You see, Once Upon A Time, I was in an organization called Destination Imagination on a team called "The Department of the Forgotten Myths Department". We were a special team, and we had a goal. Our goal was to bring the Egyptian and Greek gods together in our skit. It didn't really work out, but that's ok.

Now the day before our final competition, Batman and I were a little stressed over the building of our props, and we decided to relieve this stress by making poems out of our torn up script. The following are those poems.

And we all lived happily ever after.

Until we woke up the next day and had to perform our skit.