Yelina slowed her descent toward the aliens' work-area and checked her sensors. With a shudder, she remembered the hideous creatures' appearance: a face that was a mass of prehensile eyes and feelers, a loathsome mouth that puffed and puckered as they breathed, long, bony, spider-like appendages that ended in pinkish groping hands with worm-like, boneless, nail-less fingers.

'There's no sign of them! I wonder where they all went?'

She had reached a place that resembled a vast warehouse assembly area. Surrounding her on all sides were the grotesque probes in all stages of assembly. Except . . .

'That's weird. They're all hollow . . . like there's something missing . . .' A sudden unpleasant realisation made her go cold inside. 'They're suits! Like our super-suits, only with more stuff-!'

Perhaps guided by some instinct, she ducked for cover, at the same time wondering if she wasn't simply being foolish.

What happened next convinced her otherwise.

With a chorus of wet clicking sounds and hissing sussurations, the work area suddenly began filling with a host of the evil invaders.

'Maybe this wasn't such a good idea after all,' Yelina muttered to herself as she hid herself as best she could in what looked like a pile of discarded parts and rubbish.